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#Discover the extraordinary

At Vishwajyot, we believe that discovery is essential to learning. Through various aspects of our pedagogy and curriculum, we enable each child to become a lifelong learner, to apply classroom learning in the real world, and to achieve their full potential. At Vishwajyot, it is not just about discovering the extraordinary in the world, but within each one of us as well.

Our Approach

The discovery-based learning approach encourages students to build on past knowledge, use their intuition, imagination, and creativity, and search for new information to discover facts, correlations and new truths. The Discovery Learning approach has the following 3 pillars.

Integrated curriculum

We believe in holistic learning. That’s why our curriculum has been created by integrating subject matter expertise of ICSE and life skill components of Waldorf philosophy. This allows every child to discover the world holistically in its true interlinked form - and in the silos of academics and extra-curricular.

Learning at own pace

No two children are the same - then why should they learn at the same pace? Our personalized programs for learning Math and English ensure that no child is left behind or getting bored in class. This leads to better engagement and higher learning outcomes.

Project based learning

What is learning if not applied in real life?
Students at Vishwajyot go beyond laboratory experiments and engage in field trips and real-world projects to understand the use of concepts learned in subjects ranging from Physics and Biology to Math and History.


At Vishwajyot, all that we do is geared toward creating lifelong learners who are prepared for the future


Active play: Indoors and out

We believe that learning happens only when you truly enjoy it. Our pre-primary curriculum makes sure that our children learn through playful activities and games. Every class has its own indoor and outdoor area for an uninterrupted play.


Love for learning

Our focus in the primary grades is to develop a love for learning in children. Personalized learning helps to drive better engagement, making learning fun and effortless.

Middle School

Learning by doing

Information becomes knowledge when you learn how to use it wisely. Our middle school curriculum focuses on learning by getting students to DO things. The process of learning expedites when you study things practically, apply the theory in real-world applications.

High School

Preparing for the future

The high school curriculum involves so much more than studies. We run programs such as Career Crafting, Individual mentoring and Data-driven exam prep to ready our students to take on their future!


A multitude of activities is integrated into the curriculum to allow students to explore their interest, broaden their perspective and gain essential life skills.

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